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Collection of self-installing questionnaire resources
based upon the EORTC QLQ family of questionnaires

Please note:

This page has been prepared for members of the EORTC Quality-of-Life Group.

To adapt the electronic versions of the questionnaires to the presentation using the QL-Recorder, they may have been modified compared to the paper based questionnaires they resemble. For example, the term "please encircle the answer!" may have been replaced by "pleace check the answer!". Before you use an electronic questionnaire, you should get hold of the respective paper version and compare the contents of the electronic version against it. Moreover, you should check the correct function of the result computation algorithms.

In no case do available questionnaire definition files claim to be perfect or officially authorized adaptions of the paper questionnaires they resemble yet.

Homepage of the EORTC QoL Group

Before you may use the following quality of life questionniare resources, you are obliged to find out about the applicable conditions defined by the EORTC Quality-of-Life Group. Please visit one of the following links to learn more:

Please note, that in no case, the EORTC QoL Group can provide any form of technical support for the use of the electronic questionnaires offered here. The group takes no responsibility for the correct function and usability of the software.

Basic software package

This software package contains basic Quality-of-Life-Recorder software in a layout customised for the EORTC QoL Group. Please install this package first in order to use the questionnaire configurations offered further below.

By installing the software, you accept the conditions of the license agreement contained in its on-line-help file. The on-line-help file can be downloaded separately from the software library of this site before the installation, if required.

EORTC Quality of Life questionnaires

The following self-installing packages contain configurations based upon several EORTC Quality of Life questionnaires. You may chose exactly those questionnaires and language versions which you want to apply.

Each package contains one configuration presenting the QLQ-C30 alone. Each module package contains an additional configuration presenting both the QLQ-C30 and the specific module. After the installation of a package, the contained configurations are available in the Start-Menu or in the Program-Manager automatically.

The following small ZIP file is a preliminary ad-hoc container for: a.) Several *.pdc files (Printout Definition Cumulative, delivered "as is" for now) that may serve as a starting point for people interested in better structured and colored cumulative printouts. b.) Brief internal documentation regarding new functionality in AnyQuest 2.65 through 2.67. c.) Reference values for a Norwegian normal population from the refernce values database of the EORTC QoL group to be shown in the cumulative printout.

In the long term, the content of this file will be reviewed and integrated in the self installing archives listed above, but advanced users may already use it to get beautifully colored printouts according to their own ideas.

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