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Contents and extension of the questionnaire library

Most of the questionnaire definition files available here have been generated either for projects of my own, for other users' projects or as examples to demonstrate the capabilities of AnyQuest.

The questionnaire definition files are based upon paper questionnaires which are available from medical publications or have been given to me by the respective author.

If you feel that the presentation of a questionnaire definition file within this library violates a copyright or any other right, please send me an e-mail notice. If your concerns are justified, then if you wish, I will remove the respective questionnaire definition file from this library.

Note: The questionnaire definition files are not identical with the paper questionnaires, among other reasons, as they are authored in a special questionnaire description language and stored in that language.

In no case do the available questionnaire definition files claim to be perfect or officially authorized adaptions of the paper questionnaires they resemble.

It would be in the spirit of this project, if you would contribute questionnaire definition files that you have created yourself to this library. You can use the questionnaire history function to document your credits.

If you are the developer of a questionnaire, you may expect that its availability for AnyQuest for Windows may contribute to its good acceptance by users.

If you would like some support in transferring a paper questionnaire to a questionnaire definition file, or if you would like to have a version of AnyQuest for Windows that presents questionnaires in your institution specific appearance (e.g. with your logos in the title screen and so on), and if you have the necessary rights, I'd be happy if you would contact me.

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