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Mailing list

From time to time, I will provide information regarding the Quality-of-Life-Recorder through this mailing list.

List members also can send contributions to maillist-contribution@ql-recorder.com and I will pass them on.

To be added to or removed from the list, please complete this form, then submit it. Your browser will send it via e-mail and must be configured appropriately and probably be connected to the Internet or a local e-mail server.

All entries in this form are completely optional: the list entry will also work using the return address of an empty registration form sent.

Your name and address:
Your name:
Your position:
Your company or your institute:
Your department:
Phone - central:
Phone - direct:
Phone - mobile:

WARNING and note regarding privacy and data protection - short version: If you press the "Submit" button, entered information will be converted on your system to an e-mail message in your standard e-mail client. You can edit, send, or discard this e-mail message. When you send it, it is transferred in the Internet like any of your e-mail messages, which often means in openly readable form. Alternatively, you can send me PGP/GPG encrypted messages. For this purpose, my public GPG key with ID 089DCAF35F15062A is provided on various public key-servers (actually, you should not only check the ID because what you read here might be wrong, but also the e-mail addresses connected to the key and its web of trust). You can use e.g. Enigmail or other means to deploy PGP/GPG encryption in e-mails.

The mailing list is handled via freelists.org who will have announced that they will take several steps to ensure EU GDPR compliance.

Information submitted to me is only stored and used by myself as far as this is required for the maintenance of a business relationship or legal requirements. By sending a message to me, you give consent to my storing and processing of the contained information. Further details are available in the comprehensive "Declaration regarding the Protection of Personal Data".

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