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Questionnaire library  

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Questionnaire definition files:
Demonstration of capabilities of the Quality-of-Life-Recorder

Please note: Before downloading, please check what's already included in your software package.

Download -» Tutorial

  • File: tutorial.qdw Date: 06.08.1997, 07.04.2000
  • Contents: Shows how AnyQuest for Windows supports info-screens in an interactive tutorial.
    The tutorial itself, by the way, gives a very first introduction to AnyQuest for Windows.

Download -» Prototype questions

  • File: prototyp.qdw Date: 24.01.2001
  • Contents: Contains a large variety of question layouts, which you can use as prototypes when creating your own questionnaires. This makes the generation of new questionnaire definition files much easier.
    Please read about the prototype/cloning function in AnyQuest's on-line help.

Download -» Demonstration: Conditional skipping, jumping, calling, returning

  • File: modules.qdw Date: 15.12.1996
  • Contents: Shows how AnyQuest for Windows supports conditionally asked or skipped questions,
    jumping within or between questionnaires and calling of questionnaire modules.
    To be used together with extmod.qdw below.

Download -» Demonstration: External module

  • File: extmod.qdw Date: 15.12.1996
  • Contents: An external module contained in its own QDF - called by modules.qdw.

Download -» Demonstration: Conditional branching in a differential-diagnostic tree (German)

  • File: ikterus.qdw Date: 23.03.1997
  • Contents: Shows how AnyQuest for Windows supports conditional branching.
    Contains a part of the differential-diagnostis tree to be applied in patients who present with jaundice.

Download -» Demonstration: Non linear, multi segmented Visual Analogue Scale

  • File: msnlvas.qdw Date: 15.12.1996
  • Contents: Just one question to play with...

Download -» Demonstration: Processing of time information collected from patients

  • File: timecomp.qdw Date: 15.12.1996
  • Contents: This questionnaire asks for the start and end of sleeping, computes duration of sleep and comments upon. It can process time information given as HH, HH:MM, HH:MM:SS, in both AM/PM and 24-hr format.

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